Dental CT and Why It’s Important!

There are many choices available to you when it’s time to pick a dentist. While many of us choose our dentists based on location, reviews, etc., we believe you should also consider the technology available to your dental team. One tool that we believe all dental professionals should have is a dental CT that offers your practitioner the opportunity to see a 3-D image of your mouth prior to beginning any invasive procedures.

A dental CT is a special type of X-ray that allows the dentist to build a 3-D model of your jaw and teeth. The dentist then uses this model to plan the procedure from start to finish. This allows implants to be placed precisely where the dentist wants it to be, avoiding any unnecessary “trial and error”.

The dental CT is like an X-ray in that it has the same slight chance of causing health issues with excessive exposure. The benefits associated with a dental CT, just like any type of X-ray, will outweigh the risks involved.

Without this type of technology, it is much more difficult to have the confidence to place dental implants, diagnose temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMJ), surgical planning for impacted teeth, and more. There are many uses for dental CTs.

For especially difficult cases, the dentist should be prepared to consult a radiologist to confirm findings before moving forward. It’s helpful having a second opinion whenever needed!

Ask your current dental care provider if they have this technology available in their office. If they don’t, you may want to consider moving to an office that does have it readily available. The precision work that it allows makes it an invaluable tool to dental practitioners!