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When it comes to the absolute latest in dental technology here in the Meridian area, Steiner Family Dentistry is the dental practice of choice. We have many advanced tools and features that keep us ahead of other dental practices in the area, and one of these tools is our Cone Beam Computer Tomography 3-D Imaging Technology (CBCT).

The CBCT Scan/3-Dimensional Imaging technology is very important to planning your dental procedures. We feel very fortunate to be one of the few dental offices to own a 3-D dental scanner. This amazing technology allows us to fully view your teeth, bone, nerves and underlying structures with amazing 3-Dimensional accuracy. Just some of the ways we use the CBCT:

  • Create guides for dental implants
  • Evaluate patients for grafting needs
  • Evaluate nerve locations near impacted wisdom teeth
  • Determine complex root canal anatomy
  • Locate hidden canals that cannot otherwise be found
  • Diagnose tooth decay
  • Analyze dental trauma and facial trauma

This revolutionary technology allows Dr. Steiner to diagnose and solve complicated dental problems in which regular x-rays cannot. The precision associated with the CBCT is unmatched.

Steiner Family Dentistry provides patients with an unmatched experience because of our investment in cutting edge technologies. We believe it’s vital to the overall oral health of each patient and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you would like to learn more about our 3-D imaging technology for yourself, call us today at 208-888-4481 to schedule your appointment!