Nobody Likes a Bully!

That statement was true when we were young and it’s still true today! Bullying has no place in our society. It is up to the adults in our communities to put a stop to this behavior. Bully tactics have shifted from the time when many of us were children from fear of attack in person to cyberbullying that follows kids home each day.

Adults Can Make a Difference, a federal government website managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, points out that adult interaction, early and often, can help stop the impact of bullying behavior. Parents and other adults suchBullying has no place in our society as teachers, school staff, etc., can provide lines of communication, ensuring kids understand that bullying is unacceptable and help them find ways to get help when needed.

Bullying Can Happen 24 Hours a Day

The widespread use of handheld devices and home Internet connectivity means that kids are subject to bullying like never before. Cyberbullying happens through text, social media, online forums and gaming platforms just to name a few. This type of bullying is especially dangerous because it can go on virtually non-stop and be hard for parents to detect. If you have a school age child, there is a very good chance they’ve either been the subject of cyberbullying or played the role of a cyberbully. According to the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 15% of high school students were cyberbullied in the year prior to the survey.

Support for Bullied Kids

The effects of bullying impact all the players involved. If your child says they are being bullied, take them seriously. It is often difficult for them to come forward and admit this to you. It is important to listen to your child and focus on their feelings. If your child struggles to talk about what happened, you may consider seeking professional counseling or more serious mental health care. The website has a wealth of information on how to support victims of bullying.