Same Day Crowns – The Smart Way to do Crowns

It is safe to say that nobody wants to have a crown. While it is a very important part of maintaining your oral health, the time and money spent can be overwhelming for some. Same day crowns can at least save you some valuable time! Here are a few reasons why same day crowns are the preferred method for most patients.

Same Day Crowns Save Time

Our busy lives have very little time available for extra appointments. When you don’t use a dentist with same day crown capabilities, you’re guaranteeing the fact that you’ll have extra appointments to finish your crown process. If your dental office does have same day crown capability, you’ll cut down on extra commute time, time away from work and less time in traffic. These reasons alone should be enough to demand same day crowns.

Simplify the Process

Along the same line as time savings, is a simplification of the entire process, for all involved! The dental office can get you in and out in one visit. Something they want to do because it streamlines their processes as well. It’s less billing work if insurance is involved and less time spent with the front desk personnel. This frees them up to door other important dental practice related tasks.

Find an Experienced Dentist in Meridian with Same Day Crowns

If a crown is in your future, be sure to use a dental office that has taken the steps and made the investment in the technology for same day crowns. You know they care about getting you fixed up and back in the game as quickly as possible. In Meridian, Dr. Greg Steiner has the latest technology and is ready to take care of your crown immediately.